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Finding the right, responsive, and trustworthy partner is essential.

Not sure if you are ready for a freelance bookkeeper to handle all your requirements remotely, rather than a full-time one?
At a time when we struggle to even sit alongside our regular colleagues, remote bookkeeping can be beneficial in many ways.
How does remote bookkeeping work?
There is a variety of tools used to connect from a distance, today remote bookkeeping isn’t very different from hiring an in-person bookkeeper. QuickBooks Online company files can be accessed from any device. We connect to our QuickBooks Desktop clients via remote login services like Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer. We use Google Drive to share documents and video conferencing to stay in touch whenever needed. We perform services on your set schedule.
When is work performed?
This is customized based on your needs. You can choose anything between a quarterly to a daily (Monday-Friday) service.
Do we have to use QuickBooks?
Quickbooks is our software of choice. We strongly recommend QuickBooks due to its ease of access, strong functionality, and large app ecosystem to help automate time-consuming processes.
How do I get my papers to you?
Pick up, drop off, shared mailbox service, shared Google Drive for easy uploading of any relevant documents.
What type of security is used?
Bookkeepers, payroll and accounts payable staff have access to private financial information for many individuals and partners. This includes Social Insurance Numbers, bank account numbers, addresses and credit cards information. It is essential to maintain this data. But it’s also essential to ensure it’s safeguarded against compromise. QuickBooks Online uses the same encryption technology as the world’s top banks, and Google Drive uses secure data centers to protect your documents.
Will you make payments for us?
Some clients choose to pay vendors on their own, but FCB does offer this as a service. We will send you periodic pre-payment reports so you can approve in advance.
What if I want to keep some bookkeeping tasks in-house? Can I pick and choose what FCB handles for me?
Absolutely! Feel free ask us about discounts related to managing some of the tasks yourself.

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